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Hi, I am Yoav Mendelson, a passionate Frontend/FullStack developer. I started Coding out of pure curiosity, it became a hobby and after a while I decided to take the next step and go for it. I’m a recent graduate from the Conding Academy Bootcamp Where I created some of my projects . Currently I’m searching for an opportunity where i could make an impact. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions of just wanna talk :)

I have a genuine passion for development and design, i like building new things that push me out of my comfort zone and challenge my creativity. I'm eager to learn whenever i can, and happy to embrace new ideas. As a developer, my goal is make beautiful websites that not only look good, but also function in multiple levels. I would love to make your digital vision into reality


I have experience in Vue, Javascript, Typescript, CSS/SASS, HTML, MongoDB, Node.js, Tailwind, Astro , React, and more…  I prefer to learn skills as I need them, so I can focus on finding solutions to problems instead of trying to implement new technologies for the sake of implementing them.



canvasParty is an HTML canvas animations library. created for adding highly interactive backgrounds with ease. It has full support for both Vue and React and has documentation guide with examples.

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SoundWave is a music streaming platform inspired by Spotify. You can listen to your favorite music and create shared playlists for you and your friends to enjoy together in real-time.

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Typester is a modern design typing test application inspired by Monkeytype.It features a variety of test modes, including a dark mode for the night owls, and also saves user typing tests history.

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Aviv Zafrir Makeup Artist

A responsive makeup artist portfolio website, elegant design, and fast reload time

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Soap celebs API arrow

No comment..

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Appsus arrow

An app based on Google Keep, Gmail, and also contains a Book Library app, with the use of the Google Books API.

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Choose your framework

A cute little helper game I made for choosing a Javascript UI framework.

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MemeGen arrow

A meme-maker app where you can make your meme, download, share, and save it.

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